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3 Pack of our most popular flavors.  (8 oz bags)

One each of:

Bourbon Praline Pecan * Chile Chili Vodka * Spice Rum

Perfect Gift Pack!   These come individually and not in a package.  


We bet you can't eat just one! 


* Cooking process removes / flashes out the alcohol *  


Popular 3 Pack; Bourbon, Chile Vodka, Spiced Rum

  • All sales are final.  However, we will work with you correct if an issue would arise.  Please contact us within 48 hours if your order is incorrect.  Thank you. 

  • Obviously this contains a nut product but is processed in a facility that uses dairy, other nuts (including peanuts) amoung many other common food allergens.  This is not an allergen free product.  

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