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Boozy Nuts is a product of Adams Chocolate Factory.  

With experience in chocolate brand promoting for over two decades,  Adams Chocolate Factory has worked with varying corporations to not only increase their brand awareness but create their own  brand of chocolate products.  Boozy Nuts was born out of a request of one of our chocolate clients to create him a unique product made with his line of booze with nuts for his Mountain Distillery, hence the trade name and branding Boozy Nuts TM was born.     

Our Boozy Nut line takes our infamous recipes and incorporate your spirit of choice to create a very decadent Boozy Nut treat.  Our most popular line is the Bourbon or Whiskey Praline Pecans.  We use your spirit of choice; Whiskey, Bourbons, Rums, Vodkas, etc.;,  private label for you, private package for you and then create a product specifically to you and you only that you can market however you'd like, in store, online, distribution, fundraising, gifting,  ect

Our chocolate & nut clients include Fortune 500 Companies, Whisky Distilleries / Muscle Car & Exotic Car Companies /  Wineries / Non profits / Schools / Charities / Small Business / Realtors / Hospitals. 

Adams Chocolate Factory & Boozy Nuts has expanded to allow the general pubic to purchase our chocolates & Boozy Nuts online.   We will continue the pursuit of excellence in providing your company the opportunity to expand to your client far beyond the initial purchase through our Boozy Nut branding program. 

Remember : There is nothing we don't do in chocolate & Now in Nuts too! 

Please leave your info. below to request more about wholesaling with us.   We would love to get back to you.

Cheers!  We will get back to you soon! 

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